Chamber music on the highest artistic level and right at the cutting edge
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
A top-notch band
Die Welt
This is the way to interest a new audience in what used to be called serious music
Süddeutsche Zeitung
Chamber music can be this hot
Ecstatic energy
Die Rheinpfalz
The intrepid young pioneers of the classical music scene
Badisches Tagblatt
Chamber music for the Facebook generation
Die Zeit
Refreshing soundscapes wrapped up in a concept that defies convention
Wiener Zeitung
Influences from pop and dance are convincingly combined with classical music
de Volkskrant
A spark? No, a blaze of fire!
Music of today with instruments of yesteryear in a performance that is of tomorrow
Ostfriesische Nachrichten
A radical new face for chamber music and classical in general
Audiophile Audition
Fiery, wild and played with unbridled joy in music making
Heilbronner Stimme
A gang of rockers, wielding classical music instruments
Augsburger Allgemeine